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  • Contribute Good and Informative Content on Health, Beauty, Wellness, Healthcare Products, Ayurvedic and Lifestlye.
  • About the Content
  • Topics On Which You Can Submit Your Articles
  • How To Submit Your Content For Publishing?
  • Disclaimer
  • Advanced Guest Post Search Queries

Contribute Good and Informative Content

At Consult a Doctors, we believe in sharing valuable and informative content with our readers. Right from the beginning, we have been exploring the diverse health, beauty, wellness, lifestyle related topics and trying to give detailed insights which can help our readers understand that which natural products, fruits, and home remedies can help them stay healthy, fit and disease free.

Our primary aim is to deliver an unforgettable experience to our visitors with unique, resourceful and informative content based on health, disease, symptoms and other healthcare related topics.

At Consult a Doctors Blog, we appreciate high-quality content which can provide useful information to our visitors, and that’s why we have framed some rules and regulations for our guest bloggers who want to publish their articles and blogs on our website.

Send your articles at editor [@] consultadoctors [.] com

About the Content

  • Your content must engage our readers, and that’s why it should be meaningful and informative. It should be completely plagiarism free, should not be spun, must be well-structured and should be written with subheadings for easy understanding. Research the topic well and present the accurate information.
  • Your article must be within the range of 1000 – 1200 words.
  • Your content should not have any grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, under-quality content. Proofread your content properly and avoid any factual errors.
  • Include the source links wherever necessary and add a featured image (size 1000*509) to the content which can act as its thumbnail. Do provide the source of the image and don’t use any copyrighted images.
  • Provide an author bio with the article and add a headshot to be added to the author bio.
  • Please do not write any abusive, derogatory, fallible or offensive content.
  • We will not promote any promotional, advertising or affiliate links through your guest post.
  • Before writing the post, ensure that the same or similar post has not been published on the website.

Topics On Which You Can Submit Your Articles

  • General Health
  • Women’s Health
  • Men’s Health
  • Disease 
  • Condition and Treatments
  • Fruits and Foods
  • Weight Loss
  • Beauty Tips
  • Healthcare Product Review and Demonstration
  • Fitness
  • Home Remedies
  • Dermatology
  • Mental Health 

How To Submit Your Content For Publishing?

Send your articles at editor [@] consultadoctors [.] com


  • We only accept paid guest posts
  • We hold the sole right to accept or reject a post
  • Our editorial team will check your article before deciding whether to publish it or not
  • You cannot republish any content which has already been published on the Healthline Talk without our permission
  • You can contact us anytime through the aforementioned email id
  • If any users have any issues with content we must remove asap.

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